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We believe that emotional support animals saves lives, and that any pet owner should be able to access the benefits afforded by law. Our doctors have done over 250,000 evaluations since 2001! 

Here’s how an ESA Letter benefits you:

you pay nothing to bring your esa dog on a flight your esa pet sits with you on a flight A landlord cannot charge you with extra rent A landlord will be unable to charge you with a pet deposit A landlord cannot deny you accommodation for having an esa Patients with various conditions can apply for an esa now have ypur esa accompany you in stores & public places

How to Obtain ESA Letter (Takes 10 Minutes)

How do I know if my pet qualifies as an ESA?
You need to be qualified to be applicable for an ESA more than your pet. If you have a mental disability and you pet is emotionally supporting you with the same, then they definitely qualify as an ESA.
What is the difference between a service animal and an ESA?
Service animals are trained to perform specific tasks that eventually aid someone with a physical disability. They usually include dogs and mini horses. Contrary to this, an ESA provides their owner with benefits like companionship and affection, which are purely therapeutic in nature. An ESA on the other hand is not limited to dogs but can be any animal instead.
Why should I need to register my pet as an ESA?
Of course! To enjoy the multiple benefits of an ESA, you need to provide a letter from a licensed mental health professional stating your medical condition and that your pet is providing you with the help and support that an ESA would.
Can I take my ESA on a plane?
If you are carrying an Emotional Support Animal Letter then yes, you can carry your ESA on a plane. The handler is allowed to have the ESA with them during the flight. You also do not have to pay any extra fees when you show your ESA recommendation.
Will my ESA be allowed in a no-pet housing co-op?
According to Law, a landlord has to make accommodation for you in a no-pet housing co-op if you have an ESA letter. But, if there is any damage or loss to property because of your ESA, the landlord will ask you to cover the same.

How do I get an ESA Letter Online?

Let us tell you How you can get an ESA Letter Online.

You can register with us here and get your Emotional Support Animal Letter after filling a short form online. Our special doctor will conduct a video call to access your mental condition and if approved you get your ESA letter immediately after.
What is the price for an ESA letter
Our normal price is $89 for either housing or travel letter. We are currently running a special which is a 2 in 1 letter that covers both housing and travel purposes for $119 TOTAL. That comes out to just $59.5 each! Additionally, we offer the convenient photo ID Card for $20.
I am looking to rent out a new house with my ESA. What kind of documentation do I have to carry with me?
The only proof you will need when looking for a new house with your ESA will be an Emotinal Support Animal Letter stating that your pet is providing you with emotional support and therapeutic value.
Is my pet an emotional support animal?
If your pet is providing you companionship and supporting you in any mental and emotional way, then yes they are considered to be an emotional support animal (ESA).

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